At Melkay Speech Therapy, our goal is to enhance your child's communication skills and thereby improve your family's quality of life!  We provide screenings, evaluations, and treatment via teletherapy in the following areas:

1.  Articulation/Phonology

2.  Receptive/Expressive Language

3.  Social/Pragmatic Language

4.  Stuttering/Fluency

5.  Voice


Melkay Speech Therapy provides face to face as well as teletherapy services to school districts, private schools, charter schools, daycares, and local organizations within the communities.  Some of the services we provide are listed below:

1.  Screenings at daycares

2.  Evaluations

3.  Individual Education Plans (IEP) development and implementation

4.  Speech therapy

5.  Language Therapy

6.  Consultation with teachers/caregivers

7.  Provide training for staff on what is developmentally appropriate and how to identify disorders

8.  Provide educators and parents with resources related to speech and language development




​*Things to look for:

  • Problems pronouncing speech sounds

  • Familiar as well as unfamiliar persons may have difficulty understanding the child’s speech

  • Child displays frustration when he/she is not understood



​*Things to look for:

  • Problems with listening and expression

  • Difficulty identifying and naming objects/pictures

  • Difficulty following directions at home or school

  • Difficulty answering questions

  • Difficulty with getting his/her thoughts across (formulating sentences)

  • Difficulty requesting his/her wants and needs

  • There are academic concerns regarding reading and/or writing



​*Things to look for:

  • Difficulty recognizing letters and sounds

  • Difficulty recognizing sight words

  • Difficulty understanding the concept of rhyming words

  • Difficulty blending sounds to form simple words

  • Difficulty understanding what he/she reads



*Things to look for:

  • Trouble making eye contact during conversation

  • Difficulty taking turns during conversation

  • Making unrelated or inappropriate comments during conversation

  • Inability to introduce or maintain a topic

  • Trouble relating to peers

  • Inability to recognize when a message was not understood by the listener

  • Trouble using variation in their language

  • Inability to understand humor or make inferences

Blonde Boy Reading


*Things to look for:

  • Repeats words, parts of words, or whole words frequently

  • Blocking (cannot get sound out)

  • Prolonging sounds in words

  • Interjections such as “um” before difficult words

  • History of stuttering/cluttering in the family

fluency .jpg
  • ​​VOICE

  • Phonation

  • Pitch

  • Loudness

*Things to look for:

  • Quivering sound in the voice

  • Voice sounds rough or hoarse

  • Voice sounds strained or choppy

  • Voice sounds weak, whispery, or breathy


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Averil K. Hosten-Mark, M.S., CCC-SLP is a licensed and Asha Certified Speech-Language Pathologist, with twenty years of experience in Early Intervention (0-3), Preschool (3-5), School-Aged (K-12) and Adults.